Full video production showreel

I offer full service video production. My experience to date draws directly upon all the project disciplines which bring a successful production to realise great results. From concept creation, through production and on to editing and delivery I have a significant experience in all areas.


As my previous clients will attest having a tight grip on the core production stages throughout the entire process brings huge advantages.  The most noticeable being communication and retaining the integrity of the creative vision. The other benefit is cost reduction since there is a smaller team and less overheads.




Creating engaging content for either internal or external comms relies on a clear understanding of your audience, and how they perceive things.  Experience has taught me that reverse engineering messaging and appeal from the audience's perspective is the most effective way to resonate with them.


Asking the right questions and carrying out research before the creative process is underway really is the key.


Conference openers






Concept Development

The opportunity to truly add value means being involved when your objectives and requirements are being laid out. This is a key stage when the creative possibilities are endless, and unconstrained by overcommitment in a particular direction.

I have experience in mixed media formats, radical narrative styles and modest budgets. Budgets can often be reduced with effective forward planning whilst maintaining audience impact.


You'll be surprised by both what is suggested and what can be achieved in the early stages of the project.


I have experience in writing scripts for drama, comedy, training videos and promotional voice overs.

When writing for drama or comedy I prefer to to collaborate with third parties. This helps to create distinctive characterisation.

Interview style

The experience of editing poorly conducted interviews with stiff and insincere testimonies draws attention to just how important interview technique is.

Interviewing effectively doesn't just mean understanding the subject and how it fits into the narrative of your film. I believe relating to the interviewee, removing the confidence barriers thrown up by the film set to allow them to relax is equally important.

Directing and on-location

A well recce'd location does remove many of the potential risks of schedule hold-ups but there are always unknowns which need to be accounted for.  Appreciating how changing weather, light conditions, equipment set-up times can delay progress is essential to creating realistic schedules.

Working with actors and often employees who need to act means giving them the attention they require and ensuring the crew have ample resources to handle the setup of the shots. I believe working with a camera operator or cinematographer who can help to identify unexpected storytelling opportunities goes a long way to improving the production values of the piece.

Producing and Directing

Network of production crew


Camera assistants


Sound recordists

Make-up artists


Production assistants



Motion graphics artists

Voice-over artists

Having a global view of the entire project including the messaging objectives, the audience and client perspectives and consideration of editing style and process places me in an ideal position to produce pieces that resonate, meet budget requirements and get results.

Directing and producing since 2008 I have built up an extended list of contacts to include:

My experience includes working with and auditioning actors, overseas shoots, working with an array of production equipment such as jibs, dollies, tracks, turntables and a variety of cameras including RED EPIC shooting at 6K.

Getting to know crew and their strengths can be a huge benefit when working with tight deadlines, meeting budgetary requirements and creating specific styles.

Video Editing


Editing since 2006 I am highly experienced in most major industry standard platforms including Avid, Adobe Premier and Final Cut. I have worked on projects covering a wide range of styles.



My preferred software for compositing is Adobe After Effects though I do own and Autodesk Smoke and have some experience with this.

Colour Grading


I run Davinci Resolve in my studio linked to an entry level grading monitor (Sony oled pvm-2541A).